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- QUINTANA ROO, mexico -

© Etudiante Vagabonde. Photo : Laguna de Bacalar


Balneario  municipal

For $50MX per person, we could get the access to this beachside park and swim at the end of the dock. The park closes at 6 pm.

From Tulum, we took a bus during three hours to Bacalar, another "Pueblo magico" (magical village) situated in the south of the region, close to the Belize border. 

Far from the massive tourism of the Riviera Maya, the lake Bacalar is a good alternative for holiday-makers. 


The Lake of Bacalar is also known as the Lake of seven colors due to its different shades. From the emerald green to the turquoise blue, the shade varies according to the moment of the day and the depth.

We stayed in Bacalar in an Airbnb for two nights, just enough to discover the city center and enjoy the lake and its cenotes.


Tour en bateau sur le lac


Several points around the lake worth a look. To get there, the easiest way is to take part of a boat tour, during two hours, which costs around $200MX per person. You can also rent a kayak or a paddle, but depending on where you start it can be far. 

Among the most beautiful spot in the lake, there is the Canal de las Piratas, where the water is really low with an amazing blue color. There, we could cover our bodies with clay found under the water and jump from a 4-meters high wall. The boat also brought us to the Cenote Esmeralda and the Bird Island.



Situated on the border of the lake, the restaurant La Playita (photos) and its terrace is the perfect place to eat good food and to cool down. Clients also have free access to the dock from which we can enter into the water.


Around the main square in the city center, we ate several times at the restaurant Pata de Perro which makes good pizzas.



Découvre comment j'ai fini par vivre dans la ville de Monterrey, dans l'Etat du Nuevo Leon. Je vous fait voyager sur les plus hauts sommets de la ville et dans les jolies rues de mon quartier.

Août 2018




Redécouvrez la Californie à la sauce mexicaine ; sur cette péninsule qui prolonge la Californie états-unienne, traversez les champs de cactus pour atterrir sur les plages aux eaux turquoises.

Février 2019



Je t'emmène à la découverte du lac rose qui se cache à la pointe de la péninsule du Yucatan : Les Coloradas, et dans la réserve naturelle Ria Largartos qui abrite des espèces sauvages en tout genre : crocodiles, flamants roses, pélicans...

Juillet 2018

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