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Baie des Cochons

Playa Larga

Located at the head of the Bay of Pigs (La Bahia de Los Cochinos), Playa Larga is a small beachside village famous for its beach and its diving.


Our bus being cancelled, we find three other travelers with whom we share a collective taxi to get to the Bay of Pigs for a correct price. We take our two pizzas and we take off. It is a Spanish couple and a mother, all very chatty, that make the journey with us.


The taxi dropped us at an intersection, twenty kilometers away from our destination. There, it was quiet challenging to find a taxi with two free seats. One finally takes us to Playa Larga for a few pesos.

Arrived at this small beachside village, we have the choice between dozens of casas. Once installed, we are going to have dinner in the only restaurant of the city.


We stayed at the casa of Roger and Méri that I highly recommend; they were really sweet and accommodating. He offered us a friendly price for the night and gave us the possibility to have a diner for few more pesos.


There, the best solution is to eat at the casa because restaurants are very rare, and the only ones in town are not good food.

Roger was a fisherman, so he brought us to the port of the town in order to catch the diner before the night falls. He taught us some tips concerning the handline fishing, then we put hermit crabs at the end of our lines and TA-DAAA! I cought my first fish... but not the diner (it was a catfish).


Cueva de los Peces


Few kilometers from the town is located an interesting natural pool for snorkeling lovers, it's called Cueva de Los Peces (or Fishes Cave in English) and is located just by the road. This 70 meters deep pool is actually an inundated fault of the tectonic plates. Unfortunately, mosquitos were more numerous than fishes.

On the other side of the road is the sea, which is another good spot for snorkeling. We could observe more colorful fishes there and the water was clearer.

TAXI : the round trip from Playa Larga can be negotiated until $8USD.


SNORKELING EQUIPMENT : can be rented at the Fishes Cave for about $5USD. A simple dive cost around $20USD.




C'est sous les rugissements des vieilles voitures américaines  que l'on explorait les vieux quartiers de La Havane, tout en se perdant aux coins de jolies rues colorées et en écoutant les chants des musiciens de rues.

Juin 2018



Découvrir ce petit village fût comme un bond dans le passé, au temps où les gens avaient des chevaux à la place des voitures et où le wifi n'avait pas sa place. Une nuit à la belle étoile sur les hauteurs de Vinales.

Juin 2018



Situé sur la route entre La Havane et Vinales, le petit village de Soroa cache un petit trésor ; une belle cascade au beau milieu de nulle part.

Juin 2018

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